GM/EMD - G12 A-1-A TRA Dynamic Numbers


The EMD G12 was a class of locomotive built by GM-EMD, and its Canadian affiliate General Motors Diesel. In addition, Australian licensee Clyde Engineering built ten locomotives for New Zealand in 1957, five for Hong Kong, 23 for Queensland, 14 for Western Australia and seven for BHP. Australian licensee Commonwealth Engineering also built 42 for Queensland Rail in 1964–66. Many examples were built in the 1950-1960s for railroads all over the world.


They are powered by EMD 12-567C prime movers rated at 1,250 hp (930 kW). Some have been rebuilt with EMD 645 engines. The A1A-A1A version had a lower axle loading than the Bo-Bo version.


52 Taiwan Railway Administration R21–R72; some of their engines were replaced to 12-645E. R56–59: sent to Malawi Railways in July 2006.

A EMD G12 era uma classe de locomotiva construída pela GM-EMD e sua afiliada canadense General Motors Diesel. Além disso, a licenciada australiana Clyde Engineering construiu dez locomotivas para a Nova Zelândia em 1957, cinco para Hong Kong, 23 para Queensland, 14 para a Austrália Ocidental e sete para a BHP. A licenciada australiana Commonwealth Engineering também construiu 42 para Queensland Rail em 1964-1966. Muitos exemplos foram construídos nos anos 1950-1960 para ferrovias em todo o mundo.


Eles são movidos por motores principais EMD 12-567C com potência nominal de 1.250 HP (930 kW). Alguns foram reconstruídos com motores EMD 645. A versão A1A-A1A teve uma carga por eixo menor do que a versão Bo-Bo.


52 Taiwan Railway Administration R21 – R72; alguns de seus motores foram substituídos por 12-645E. R56–59: enviado para Malawi Railways em julho de 2006.

$ 7,50 USD

R$ 39,99 BRL


This is a Machine Rail product.


Dynamic Numbers #R21-#R72


All Working Lights


Custom Realistic Cab


Custom Sounds


Scheduled Operational Physics


Animated Windows and Doors


Builder - General Motors Electro-Motive


Build Date - 1953-1968


Total Constructed A-1-A Version - 300


Gauge - 1067mm


Engine - EMD 567 12 Cylinders


Force - 1310HP


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Taiwan Railway Administration R69

at Changhua Roundhouse.

Taiwan Railway Administration R69 na rotunda de Changhua.