The EMD GL8 was an export diesel-electric locomotive introduced by General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) in 1960. They have been designed as light locomotives with a low axle loading. Measuring 36 feet 2 inches over the end sills, they are equipped an EMD 8-567CR engine producing 875 hp (652 kW) for traction, driving four traction motors in either A1A-A1A or B-B flexicoil trucks. The EMD GA8 is a derivative designed for very light lines with extremely sharp curves using frame mounted traction motors and freight car trucks.


Several countries have purchased GL8 locomotives.


69 locomotives Bo-Bo Version of Brazil, 1,000 mm

15 Estrada de Ferro Sorocabana 3601–3615

GM/EMD - GL8 EFS Dynamic Numbers

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  • This is a GNFO product.

    Dynamic Numbers #3601-#3615

    All Working Lights

    Custom Realistic Cab

    Custom Sounds

    Scheduled Operational Physics

    Animated Windows and Doors

  • Builder - General Motors Electro-Motive

    Build Date - 1960-1965

    Total Constructed B-B Version - 96

    Gauge - 1000mm

    Engine - EMD 567 8 Cylinders

    Force - 875HP