EMD SD38 is a six-axle (CC) locomotive from Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), locomotives division of General Motors, built between June 1966 and October 1971. It was the first EMD locomotive to be equipped with the engine of the EMD 645 series instead of the EMD 567. This 2-stroke 16-cylinder V engine, as is traditional in GMs, had two Roots mechanical compressors (one for each cylinder bank) for the generation of 2000 hp of traction.


A total of 163 units, of models SD38 (63), SD38M (45), SD38AC (15) and SDP38 (40) were built for the American lines and their main competitor was the GE U23C. They were exported to Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Jamaica and Venezuela.


In Brazil, RFFSA acquired a total of 45 new units. Being called SD38M, because as basic characteristics they have an SD35 body and SD38 mechanics, this change was adopted due to the feedback characteristics of the Central lines (Centro line and São Paulo branch).


They were allocated for traction of iron ore and coal trains, in Sepetiba, Volta Redonda and São Paulo branch, being headquartered in Barra do Piraí-RJ.

In order to pay off a debt between RFFSA and Villares, contracted between 1987 and 88, for the refurbishment of locomotives, around 1990 8 SD38M were scrapped in Araraquara-SP.


Of the locomotives originally purchased, 34 are in operation and 11 have been written off. Today they are one of the most popular machines from MRS Logística, identified by the number 51XX. Over time these locomotives have undergone renovations in the railway workshops (RFFSA and MRS) or in contracted companies (Villares, Tecfer, Alstom / GE and Ecil), and some original features have been changed (radiator grilles, tricks, stairs, etc).

GM/EMD - SD38M MRS (5124-4 Unit)

R$ 39,99Price
  • This is a GNFO product.

    Road Number #5124-4

    All Working Lights

    Custom Realistic Cab

    Custom Sounds

    Scheduled Operational Physics

    Animated Windows and Doors

    Custom Authentic Horn

  • Builder - General Motors Electro-Motive

    Build Date - 1967-1971

    Total Constructed - 108

    Gauge - 1600mm (1435mm for TS)

    Engine - EMD 645E 16 Cylinders

    Force - 2000HP