The G22U appeared alongside its wide gauge counterpart in 1969. To separate itself from its predecessor G12 as well as the G22W, the G22U was identified by a U suffix to indicate that this model was supplied with traction motors adjustable to any rail gauge Universally (Metre Gauge up to Irish Gauge).


The G22U model found success among several buyers and were also built in different countries to suit the customers needs. The Yugoslav locomotives were equipped with a steam generator located in the high short hood. Both the Yugoslav Railways and Taiwan Railroad Administration purchased their G22U's with a unique A-1-A running gear configuration. This did not alter the models designation as the center axles were not powered nor were A-1-A trucks widely produced at the time.


This locomotive found itself to be very successful in the metre gauge lines of Brazil, as where most lines did not permit the use of six-axle locomotives around tight curves.


Production spanned from 1969 to 1974.

MACOSA G22U RFFSA Dynamics Numbers

R$ 39,99Price
  • This is a Machine Rail product.

    Dynamic Numbers #1501-#1629

    All Working Lights

    Custom Realistic Cab

    Custom Sounds

    Scheduled Operational Physics

    Animated Windows and Doors

    HFD freight wagons included

  • Builder - MACOSA (under license from Electro-Motive Division)

    Build Date - 1971-1973

    Total Constructed - 129

    Gauge - 1000mm

    Engine - EMD 645E 12 Cylinders

    Force - 1650HP