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Work in Progress - Modeling and painting

Diesel Workshop is pleased to share the significant progress made in finalizing the exterior of the 3D modeling of the GP7/GP9 locomotive for Train Simulator. This project represents an important milestone in our quest to bring back some iconic locomotives that passed through American railroads.

Current Progress:

  • We sought to recreate every visual aspect of the locomotive within our 3D modeling expertise, from the exterior details to the fine finishes that characterize this icon of the diesel era.

  • Details such as the access stairs are being carefully modeled to make the model more realistic.

Next steps:

  • Internal detailing:

Our attention now turns to the internal detailing of the locomotive, ensuring that the cab and internal components align with the visual and functional quality within Diesel Workshop standards.

Progress so far on the 3D modeling of the GP7/GP9 locomotive is promising, and we look forward to bringing this exceptional creation to Train Simulator enthusiasts soon.

Project in parallel development:

In parallel with this project, Diesel Workshop is currently immersed in developing paint schemes for BC Rail's M420 locomotive.

First version of the M420 for BC Rail, still in the snowplow.

As work progresses, Diesel Workshop plans to expand the paint schemes for BC Rail's M420.

Let's take a look at the three schemes:

  • Two-tone green

  • Two shades of green with stripes

  • Red, White, and Blue

BC Rail's ongoing paint scheme project for the M420 locomotive also includes the B unit (M420B) in these schemes. Based on collaboration, research and ongoing iterations, this initiative is expected to result in a remarkable Train Simulator addition, offering players an opportunity to immerse themselves in BC Rail history.

BCR RCL 687 front in the last green pint scheme on the north side of the engine facility/shops at Prince George BC on July 14, 1986 (c) dwgolde

Diesel Workshop is committed to offering an enjoyable virtual rail experience, and this project represents another significant step forward for DW. Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward on this exciting journey.

Best regards

Fernando - Diesel Workshop

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