We are here to present another Diesel Workshop release, this time a Southern Pacific bundle containing the following paintings:

  • Tiger Stripe

  • Halloween

  • Black Widow

  • Bloody Nose

To complete "The Pacifics Bundle", the Union Pacific painting came in handy.

  • Some differences are noticeable between UP and SP.

Check out this gallery now for some screenshots of the Baldwin AS-616 with the respective paintings of the bundle:

It is always a pleasure to have you here enjoying our products, thank you and enjoy!

To buyers of the old "Baldwin AS-616 Tri-Mount Bogie" there will be an update, please wait.

Soon the site will be gradually coming back with the products, we are working on it!

Greetings from Diesel Workshop

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Check out the AS-616 now the newest Diesel Workshop release for DTG Train Simulator 2022.

- https://www.dieselworkshop.net/product-page/baldwin-as-616-locomotive-tri-mount-bogie

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The first AS-616s to DTG Train Simulator 2022.

This time in the painting of the "Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil" in dynamic numbers, and a single unit of the "Soo Line" numbered 395. We also bring, "AS-616 The Pacifics Bundle", a set of livery on Southern Pacific and Union Pacific in a single bundle.

The AS616 was cataloged for only four years and at the time four-axle designs were in far greater demand. Despite this, Baldwin was still able to sell more than 200 examples.

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