We have finally released to you the first Century 424 locomotive package. Since the last post there were some changes that justifies the delay for the release.

Details that make the difference is that each locomotive will have its own horn and its own characteristics on the outside.

I wish you all a good driving with your C-424

I thank you for being with Diesel Workshop.



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The Century series from the American Locomotive Company has always caught our attention for not being present in Train Simulator.

With that in mind, we debated whether it was time to bring a model known to ALCO lovers. So here is the C424 for Train Simulator Classic.

Built as NdeM it was bought from Alco by Wabash after they cancelled the order. They were restricted to B unit status. had cabin gauges calculated in the metric system and the control labeled in Spanish. N&W later corrected this.

Initially it will arrive as N&W, Wabash and GBW, thus forming the first package.

After that, we will be working on its closest variant, the C425, with more variety of liveries.

We will be back soon with more updates!



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The ALCO RS-3 are coming back to the store with some enhancements.

For those who already have these products, check the "UPDATES" tab for a donwload link to update your locomotive.

We recommend that before installing the update, you delete the previous "Audio" folder located at:

"RailWorks\Assets\DieselWorkshop\ALCO RS-3 Series\"

The two ways to install are:

Use the "Utilities" program located in the root folder RailWorks.

For those who prefer to install the folder manually in extract copy and paste mode, the files it asks you to replace, confirm this option.

What has changed?

  • Air brake system sounds.

  • Traction motor and axle run sounds.

  • Bogies, coupling, rail junction and wheel flange sounds.

  • Cabin switch and wipers sounds.

  • Throttle, reverser handle and bell sounds.

  • Smokier exhaust particles.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for lights.

Below are the instructions for the keyboard shortcuts for the lights:

  1. Gauge lights - Y

  2. Number lights front - N

  3. Number lights rear - Shift + N

  4. Class lights front - C

  5. Class lights rear - Shift + C

  6. Class lights color - U/Shift + U

  7. Head light front - H

  8. Head light rear - Shift + H

We will be back soon with new updates.

Greetings Diesel Workshop.

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