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The AS616 was Baldwin's most powerful six-axle model, in terms of both horsepower and tractive effort.


The locomotive was also the last in its "All Service" series.  Ironically, it was the best selling road switcher Baldwin ever produced during a time when the builder was attempting to reestablish itself as a major player.


The AS616 was cataloged for only four years and at the time four-axle designs were in far greater demand.  Despite this, Baldwin was still able to sell more than 200 examples.


The AS616 was a 1,600 horsepower, C-C truck design that utilized the Baldwin's 608A model prime mover, the latest and final engine it offered.


As with all of Baldwin's diesels, internal components were outsourced to Westinghouse Electric. One of the AS616's big marketing points was its incredibly high tractive effort,  up to 78,750 pounds in regular service.


This high rating is interesting considering that the locomotive was the lightest C-C road switcher design on the market at the time, weighing just 164 tons.


As was so often the case with Baldwin it's one road switcher trademark was the locomotives' excellent use in heavy drag service meaning that they could pull heavy loads at slow speeds.



Baldwin AS-616 The Pacifics Bundle

R$ 55,00Price

    This is a Diesel Workshop product.

    All Working Lights

    Custom Realistic Cab

    Custom Sounds

    Scheduled Operational Physics

    Animated Windows and Doors


    Builder - Baldwin Lima-Hamilton

    Build Date - 1952 - 1954

    Engine - Baldwin 608A

    Force - 1600HP

    Total Produced - 214