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MLW M420 Canadian National bundle

Available now for Train Simulator Classic!

Hello everyone, once again we are here to announce another diesel locomotive package for your Train Simulator Classic!

These Zero Weight Transfer (ZWT) trucks were designed to decrease wheel slip by limiting the weight transfer within the truck caused by the torque of the traction motor.

In this bundle, you will get the 3 versions of Canadian National's M420 the MR-20a as delivered, MR-20b and MR-20c as modified. All of them are properly labeled with the nomenclatures on the side of the cab below in the number.

Here we see some differences between the locomotives.

The MR-20a is equipped with the horn above the bell in the cab.

The MR-20b and MR-20c, on the other hand, have their horn near the exhaust.

Originally the MR-20a did not get the rear number board, only in the other versions of the M420 was it added.

Here we see that the fuel tank of the MR-20a is larger compared to the other models.

The engine door latches of the MR-20c are different from the other versions.

The MR-20b and MR-20c versions are equipped with ditch lights. The handrails also have a different design from the MR-20a.

The MLW M420 CN is available now, come into our store and check it out!


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Rogers Rossignol
Rogers Rossignol
18 avr. 2023

Very good job you did for that...thanks

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